Sunday, January 15, 2006


Team NYC Pro Karate wins National Black Belt League World Championship

New York, New York - Team NYC Pro Karate wins National Black Belt League World Championship

On December 27, 2005 in Buffalo, New York, things got really hot when Team NYC Professional Karate Team literally came off the streets of New York to win the National Black Belt League World Championship.

The three-man fighting team featuring Hakim Walker, Ross Levine and Jadi Tention, came in as a wild card team. With no ranking or seed, they had to fight every team in this single elimination tournament.

Hakim Walker, an anchor on any team in the world, was asked to be the point man in this three-man match of cumulative points. In other words, go out and get the team a lead. Hakim was more than up to the task by not losing any of his matches.

The middleman, or should I say, barely a man, was Ross Levine. Ross just recently became eligible to compete in the men’s division. He sent a message to everyone that he is a true phenom – a legitimate Rookie of the Year.

Finally, the captain, Jadi Tension, was there to anchor the team. He shut down every one of his opponent’s best fighters by easily outscoring them, thereby assuring Team NYC of the World Three-Man Team Fighting Title.

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